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New Office Bearer Selected
During AGM Dated 26/May/2019

(2018 – 2020)

Datuk Janathanan Govintha
Mr. Damodaran Nambiar (Ex.Retired, Jab. Perdana Menteri)

Dr. K. Venketeswara Rao

Mr. Thiayagarajan Samidorai (Ex. Retired, Pdrm Putrajaya)

Vice Chairman
Mr. Manirajah Kulanthavelu

Mr. Thayalan Subramanian (Ex. Retired Perbadanan Putrajaya)

Asst. Secretary
Mr. Amarendran Rajaratnam (Jab. Perdana Menteri)

Mr. Ganison Soorinarayanan (Ex.Retired KKM Putrajaya)


1. Mr. Paramaguru Kandasamy (Ex.Retired Pdrm Putrajaya)
2. Mr. Sidamparam M. Periasamy (Pdrm Putrajaya)
3. Mrs. Mallga Jayavel
4. Mrs. Nisamany Periasamy (Ex. Retired Hospital Putrajaya)
5. Mr. Murugiah Velayudhan (Bhg. Kabinet, Jpm)
6. Mdm G. Sarasvathy Nair (Putrajaya Resident)
7. Mr. Ganeshkumar Thiruvengadam (Jab. Penerangan, Rtm)
8. Mrs. Selliyamal Gopal (Putrajaya Resident)
9. Miss Nivashini Ramakrisnan
10. Mr. V. Thayalan (Setia Putrajaya)

1. Mr. Dhevendran Periasamy
2. Mr. Vadivail Sinnapaya (Ex. Retired Jab. Perdana Menteri)

Dewi Sri Lalitaambigai Aalayam

Persatuan Penganut Dewi Sri Maha Mariaman Devasthanam Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya was initiated by Dato’ Kanagaraja Raman, Mr Damodaran and Mr Amerendran to unite the Hindu community in Putrajaya. The Association was registered in 24 Mac 2005 with the registrar of society number 0486-05-5. The objective of the association was to conduct religion activities, in order for the Hindus in Putrajaya to practice their religious rights. The association members wanted a temple to be built in Putrajaya for this pur- pose. Even though building a temple was not the aim of the society as the association by-law but the Hindus in Putrajaya needs a place to practice their religious rights.

The elected committee decided to acquire a piece of land from the local authority (Perbadanan Putrajaya). All document was sent to the relevant authorities. On 14 April 2006 Pejabat Pengarah Tanah Dan Galian Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, approved the application to build a temple on Lot P.T. No. 12150 at Precint 20 Putrajaya. The Association was required to obtain architecture, structural and land scape approval from the local authority (Perbadanan Putrajaya). The committee decided to appoint a Hindu temple architect (Sabathi) to have the drawing done. The committee decided to have a two storey building or complex which will consist of temple, multipurpose hall and other facilities such as Hindu re- search centre and other facilities . The temple drawing was completed by a Sabathi specially brought from India. A consultant was appointed to submit the drawing. The consultant appointed backed out of the project due to reason that the strict requirements from the local authorities. The temple drawn height was 90 feet and the local authority disapproved the height requested for a two storey temple complex.

In 2009 the committee had to reappointed a new consultant and Sabathi since the old drawing was not applicable anymore. A new drawing was done and also soil test was done in 2010 as required by the local authority. Again the temple committee had to face another obstacle since the soil test report revealed that, 3 meters beneath the land surface there is hard rock which will not allow us to built a two storey temple complex. Discussion was done by the consultant appointed with the local authorities. Resulted in changing the temple drawing again and in July 2011 again a full submission was done. The local authority replied with comments regarding the plan submitted, to be rectified within a stipulated date. The consultant was unable to comply to the requirement and the local authority had to cancel the whole application.

In December 2011 the committee had again to appoint a new consultant team and a new Sabathi to have a fresh start. In January 2012 work started again with drawing of the temple and than architect drawing was done and other documents was appropriately planed according to the need of the local authority. The planed drawing was submitted to the local authority and approval was attained on 29th of September 2012. The whole cost for documentation submission from the year 2007 till 2012 until full approval attained was approximately RM180,000.00. The cost for the administrative activity was bound by the main committee members. As to the approved temple building the total cost involved as given by the quantity saviour is approximately RM 12.5 Million.


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