Who We Are

Persatuan Penganut Dewi Sri Maha Mariaman Devasthanam Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya was initiated by initial residents of Putrajaya to unite the Hindu community who are working and living there.

The objective of the association was to conduct religious activities to enable the Hindus in Putrajaya to practice their religious responsibilities. In order to achieve this purpose, the Members needed a place of worship. Building a temple was not the aim of the society but the Hindus in Putrajaya needed a place to practice their religious activities.

The Committee decided to acquire a piece of land from the local authority for this purpose. Applications were submitted to the relevant authorities in Putrajaya.

Why This Temple Is Unique?

It will be the first and only place of worship for Hindus in Putrajaya. It will be the only Mahameru design concept in Malaysia. It will be the first Lalithaambigai Deity temple in Malaysia and also the only Lalithaambigai Deity temple outside India. It will be the only temple which is built with a combination of both North and South Indian temple architecture.  

Once completed, this temple will be a great tourist attraction because of its unique design and architecture.

Aims & Objectives of Temple


Putrajaya was formed through the merging of 4 rubber estates, namely Prang Besar, Raja Alang, Galloway and Bukit Prang, covering 11,000 acres of township. Most of the population was South Indian workers brought from India to work as rubber tappers. The Indian population built their own temples; there were an estimated 15 temples across the estates. All these temples were displaced when the construction of Malaysia’s new administrative capital began. Below is the last temple captured before demolition.

Until 1975, what is today Putrajaya, along with adjacent Cyberjaya, was under the administration of Hulu Langat (Kajang) district.

Putrajaya was named after the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the territory is entirely enclaved within the Sepang District of the state of Selangor. The etymology of the city is derived from the Sanskrit, which was then adopted into Malay; “putra” means son and “jaya” means “success” or “victory”; hence Putrajaya means victorious men or people.

The Indian community in Putrajaya

There are approximately 250 families living and about 1,000 Indian government servants working in Putrajaya. Neighboring Cyberjaya which comes under the Sepang district has an estimated of 300 Indian families living and 1,000 people come for work. Such a large community currently has no place of worship. Remember Putrajaya displaced an estimated 15 temples when they took over from the 4 estates.

According to Sepang municipal websites there are 23,000 Indians living in Sepang District.

Why we need a temple in Putrajaya?

For the Indian families who are living in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, we do not have a place of worship nor a place to gather and celebrate religious festivals. A temple plays an important cultural role, bringing together youths and adults alike to learn music, dance, and religious scriptures. Such a space – which would be the only one in Putrajaya – can help strengthen a sense of community and provide a meeting point for the Indian community.

Why Build a Temple in Putrajaya?

The temple structure has been built and the remaining construction has to be continued. The building is being built according to the visara design of Hindu temple architecture. Due to restriction of the height and build-up area by the local authorities, the design of the temple was not to have ‘koburum’ and ‘Mahameru’ design was selected instead.

Our Plan

Upon completion the temple will be a landmark for Indians in Malaysia being an icon in the administrative capital of the country. The completed structure depicted below.

The residing deity is Goddess Sri Dewi Lalithaambigai and the building is built with a ‘Mahameru’ concept. The height of the temple is 15 meters with a 18,000 sq feet built-up. The facilities that have been planned are; main temple building, with an adjacent multipurpose hall, Priest quarters, Management office, Research center and a Library. When completed the temple will be a majestic building (picture above), one and only temple in the administrative capital of Malaysia. Estimated cost to complete the remaining work is RM8 mil.

What we need from you

To complete this beautiful temple for our community at large, we need an estimated RM10.58 million to complete by 2024 with full funding. The Temple committee consist of retired and employed government servants with the inclusion of private owners. We are determined to make the first temple in Putrajaya a reality and provide a landmark for our Hindus in Malaysia

( No. Pendaftaran: PPM-02016-24032005/0486-05-5 )

President: Mr. Thiayagarajan Samidorai
Email: thiaga57@yahoo.com
Secretary: AK Devin Periasamy
Email: devin_shu@yahoo.co.uk
To donate bank details below:
Bank: Maybank
Account Number: 566010617908


Datuk Janathanan Nair
En. G. Damodaran Nambiar


Dr. Venketeswaran Rao


En. R. Amarendran
En. A. Vigian

2020 - 2022 Office Bearers

ChairmanTn. Thiayagarajan Samidorai
Deputy ChairmanEn. Manirajah Kulanthavelu
SecretaryEn. Dhevendran Periasamy
Asst. SecretaryTn. Surendran Puspasagaram
TreasurerEn. Thayalan Subramanian
Committee MemberDato' Murugiah Velayudhan
Committee MemberEn. Paramaguru Kandasamy
Committee MemberEn. Vadivail Sinnapayal
Committee MemberEn. Sidamparam M. Periasamy
Committee MemberMdm. Sarasvathy Govindan Nair
Committee MemberPn T. Umadevi
Committee MemberMs. Savithra Thiayagarajan
Committee MemberMdm. Sallamah Krishnan
Committee MemberMs. Nivashini Ramakrisnan
Committee MemberPn. Malliga Jayavel

Humble Request From The Trustee

I am indeed honored to have been given this opportunity to write a few words. It is a blessing of the almighty that I am able to participate in the Thirupani of this temple. As a founder and trustee of this temple, I am happy to note that the hard and tireless efforts by the temple management committee together with the strong support given by the Malaysian government for this purpose. I too would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors and would be donors for rendering valuable support and assistance both morally and financially to complete the temple and the complex as soon as possible. Once completed this temple will serve as the one and only prime Hindu Temple in Putrajaya, which will be a cultural symbol, the house of spiritual energy and home of God to which we go for solace and connection with the divine. Regular worship at the temple deepens our humility and our devotion to God. It also purifies and lifts our energy in higher chakras. Besides prayers it is also our intention to transform the temple complex into a more conductive place for early child education, to help in promoting good moral, and religious values, religious activities, additional in house skill training for school dropouts to meet the demand of skill manpower, brain storming to access knowledge, social activities and many more for benefit of India community in Putrajaya and the surrounding areas. This Thirupani will not be possible without your support and inspiration, to make our dream a reality, please sponsor or financial contribution to cover the cost of construction to ensure the planned works are carried out smoothly to make this noble projects a reality.

Thank You!

(Damodaran Nambiar & Founder)
Ex-Retired (Jabatan Perdana Menteri)